“Fuck” & Your Fucking Vocabulary

One day I’m going to write a treatise on the word “fuck,” and how it is, arguably, the best word in the English language. And how it is, inarguably, imbued with so much power by the very people who condemn it and not by the people who use it.

But for now, I’ll start by shutting down the stupidest argument against curses in general: “it shows a small vocabulary.” Are you really going to tell me that inoffensive words like “darn” and “shoot” used to express the same sentiments are ten dollar words? They’re all one fucking syllable words that first graders know. So shut the fuck up with that inane argument already.

Also, you’re incredibly pretentious to the point of uselessness in the real world if you truly believe that argument. In general, having a big vocabulary in English says more about how many words you’ve memorized—or had the privilege to be exposed to because of your culture/good education—than your fucking IQ.